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Hack This Fall 1.0 Recap 🛠️


Hack This Fall began with a mindset of encouraging new hackers to build unique projects regardless of the tech or field; the only focus was to create something meaningful and enjoy building while also solving the shared struggles of our surroundings.

Hack This Fall Season 1 was a 24 Hours Virtual Hackathon organized on Oct 31st - Nov 1st, 2020. We organized this event during the global COVID-19 crisis, when the entire world was suffering from a pandemic. The event allowed participants to join from the safety and comfort of their homes.

In Season 1, we were joined by 500+ superb hackers from 170+ cities, who all were motivated to build towards solving society’s everyday problems, and ended up building 50+ projects, which was in line with our motto i.e. “Build & Solve”. Hackers truly understood the value of our motto and showed their excellent piece of innovation and problem-solving skills. Not only this, we found hackers hacking individually and collaborating in a team, but this didn’t stop them from engaging with other hackers in a meaningful way.

While we are talking about hackathons and especially about Hack This Fall, it was not just limited to Coding and Building stuff. Hackers also had a ton of fun learning new skills and technologies. We hosted pre-hackathon speaker sessions where industry professionals were invited. They shared their knowledge about various domains like OpenSource, Game Development, BlockChain, Hackathons, DevRel, Web Technologies, Machine Learning, App Development, and whatnot; all these sessions were indeed so insightful for all our hackers.

While the hackers were busy building their hacks, we also arranged multiple mini-events for all, where anyone could join, relax and enjoy their presence at the hackathon. Some of the mini-events included “MS Paint Bob-Ross,” where we flaunted our painting skills as we painted along with Bob Ross himself. Additionally, we also had “Hacker Hangouts,” which essentially helped everyone know more about each other. We even played games like “Among Us” and “Space Team”, which was a ton of fun. Not only this, but we also had “Mentor Connect” sessions, where hackers could interact with mentors and get feedback on their ideas/hacks.

All in all, Season 1 was a huge success, thanks to all the fantastic hackers for joining and building with us. We couldn’t have made the process of running a hackathon at such a scale without the help & contribution of our elite panel of industry-leading speakers, experienced mentors, and righteous judges. The entire event ran smoothly like a cruise, thanks to all our sponsors and community partners, who helped us with their support and resources. Last but not least, kudos to our team, who worked dedicatedly for about 4+ months and put everything together.

In the end, we bagged a lot of memories worth remembering. With that being said, to level up the energy and enthusiasm within the hacker community, we are excited to announce the next edition. So join us this season to have a mind-blowing experience in learning, building, and sharing your ideas. Head over to to know more!

Happy Hacking! 🧡

Author:Siddharth DayalwalOrganizer, Hack This Fall Hack This Fall Logo
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