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Hack This Fall 3.0 Recap: A Remarkable Journey of Innovation, Collaboration & Experience



In the heart of Gandhinagar, India, from 3rd to 5th February 2023, a unique tech experience unfolded that brought together a diverse group of innovators, problem-solvers, and hackers to transform ideas into reality, embrace innovation, and celebrate the spirit of collaboration.

Hack This Fall 3.0, hosted at Karnavati University, was a 36-hour in-person hackathon marked a significant departure from its online predecessors. With the tagline "Innovate For Good" and an impressive lineup of sponsors, partners, and a record-breaking number of participants, this event left an indelible mark on everyone involved.

In this recap blog, we'll delve into the highlights, the 3-day journey, and the unique elements that made "Hack This Fall 3.0" a memorable experience.

A Shift from Virtual to In-Person - The first and second editions of "Hack This Fall" were conducted online, but the third edition marked a significant change. It became the first-ever in-person edition, and the impact of this transition was palpable throughout the event. Participants had the unique opportunity to meet, collaborate, and learn from each other in a physical setting, fostering a tangible sense of community and camaraderie.

The Event in Numbers

Before we dive into the details, let's set the stage with some milestones we are proud of:

  • Hack This Fall 3.0 was proudly affiliated with Major League Hacking (MLH) as their Official 2023 Season member event, emphasizing its commitment to building a vibrant tech community.

  • The event received an overwhelming 2500+ registrations and over 500 hackers from over 90 cities joined the hackathon IRL.

  • An incredible 144 projects were built during the 36-hour hackathon, showcasing the participants' creativity and skills.

The unanimous sentiment among participants was that they had an amazing experience.

Day 1: A Grand Kick-off

The journey began with the check-in of eager hackers, who were greeted with welcome swag kits, setting the tone for the event. Light snacks and icebreakers provided an ideal platform for participants to get to know one another. The Opening Ceremony was a moment of anticipation, officially marking the start of the hackathon. Sponsors Storyblok and 5ire conducted informative workshops, sharing valuable insights with the participants. The day ended with the first mentorship round, where participants received guidance and refined their project ideas.

Day 2: A Mix of Learning and Fun

The second day added a touch of fun and relaxation to the intense hacking. Midnight snacks added a delightful twist to the late-night coding sessions. The unexpected highlight was a midnight karaoke mini-event, which brought participants closer through music. The day began with an exercise session, followed by a hearty breakfast. GitHub, ApyHub, and Postman, as sponsors, conducted workshops to equip participants with essential skills.

The second mentorship round focused on project implementation, ensuring that participants had the support they needed. The day featured a unique MLH mini-event, a cup-stacking challenge, followed by the engaging Snyk Cyber Security Challenge. The final mentorship round wrapped up the day's activities.

Day 3: The Final Showdown

As the soft submission deadline approached, excitement reached its peak. Hacking concluded at 8 a.m., and participants were rewarded with a well-deserved breakfast. The judging process began, where experts assessed the innovative projects. The winners were carefully chosen, and the Closing Ceremony marked the event's conclusion. Participants bid farewell to each other, capturing the memorable moments through photographs that would serve as cherished mementos.

Beyond Hacking: The Extra Mile

In addition to the intense hacking sessions, Hack This Fall 3.0 offered several additional amenities to make the event comfortable and enjoyable. These included a steady supply of breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner, ensuring participants were well-fed throughout the hackathon.

Sleeping areas providing quick recharge and sponsor booths allowed participants to explore and engage with companies. Coffee machines energized everyone, and a fun game corner provided a relaxing break. Participants could also capture the memories of the event through photo booths, and many giveaways added an element of excitement to the overall experience.


Hack This Fall 3.0 at Karnavati University was a landmark event celebrating innovation, collaboration, and community. The hackathon showcased the growing importance of hackathons in the tech world. With an unprecedented number of registrations, the transition to an in-person event, and a total of 144 projects created, it was a testament to the incredible talent and enthusiasm of the participants. Beyond coding and learning, the event fostered friendships, memories, and an enduring spirit of innovation and camaraderie. As we bid adieu to "Hack This Fall Season 3", we eagerly look forward to more hackathons, collaborations, and innovations.

Happy Hacking! 🧡

Author:Siddharth DayalwalOrganizer, Hack This Fall Hack This Fall Logo
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